Last summer, I developed a bad case of RSI (repetitive strain injury) from going to the gym part of the day, and programming for too many hours in the rest of the day .
My hands hurt so much to the point where I was typing with chopsticks.
I was really upset to discover that no program existed that allowed programmers to code with dictation (normal dictation is impossible to code with as code != english).
So, I built Speech to Command, the first free dictation software, and the first customizable dictation software, designed for programmers.

General Usage / For Whom

Speech to Command is not limited to coding, and can be used for normal dictation as well. It is built to support any language, as you can build your own libraries. The basic unit of any custom library or phrase dictionary is the speech phrase, and corresponding the key sequence command to simulate you typing on your keyboard. The key sequence can contain normal ascii characters as well as non-ascii key presses. This program is not only built for coders with hand-disabilities, but also those who wish to improve their efficieny with a combination of typing and using voice commands to simulate tedious typings.

Other / Time Frame

I'd recommend investing in a decent microphone if the speech recognition seems slower than the demo video.
Using Speech to Command will take you around a week to become close to as efficient as you were with a keyboard.
This time frame may be doubled if you have no experience with a keyboard based page navigation editor such as vim, as navigating the page without your arrow keys can be initially daunting. I reccomend learning vim separately to increase this time frame.

Contact / Me

I'm a 19 year old student studying computer science at UCSD.
Github: cameronosmith
Personal email: cameronsmithbusiness@gmail.com