A random thought on a concise expression of the goal of human life

The goal of life should be to live an objectively successful life on the dimensions which matter most to you and the people you care about, while living the most minimally compressive life (compression means that you can summarize it easily and plainly). What this means is that you should aspire to be successful on some dimensions, and if you always take the safe route, you can achieve some at least local optimum on some of those dimensions (unless you’re really stupid or your initial conditions really suck), but taking a straight shot through life will likely deprive you of the broad range of human emotions we ought to discover, and at the least make you boring. See my last post for more on this, but we need to manage this duality of secure success and degenerate chaos, with the intention of living a maximally explored life, or at least to not be boring.

Written on September 21, 2020